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❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜  💙 💜 🤍 💜 💙  💛 🤍 💜 🖤  🖤 🤍 🤎 Want to meet accepting, understanding, caring, respectful and nice people? Do you want new friends? Then this is your happy place! 💜

Here all we care about is socialising, so you'll get whatever you want! A custom colour? Custom role? New emojis? Anything else? Anything that makes you feel welcome and others don't mind, you can have! None of that "earning it" thing here :)

↝ Meet people in the make-friends channel; introduce yourself, talk about your hobbies, share your photos, tell us your ideas, vent to us, all in their own channels ↝ Anyone and everyone is welcome! No age, gender, sex, sexuality, race, nationality, preference or any other discrimination <3 ↝ Everything here is for your happiness, if something makes most people sadder, it won't stay here for long >:( ↝ All the rules are based on what others want. You're the priority, not me or the staff ^^ ↝ Your suggestions are the most important. That's how I'll take decisions. It's your community, not mine :) ↝ Whichever emojis, bots, channels etc. you want in the server, you have them! ↝ A consistent, clean, efficient and readable server layout 😌

We want to be kind of a family here, so come join and meet us! I hope you love it here and it truly is your happy place! We'll be waiting 💜 ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜  💙 💜 🤍 💜 💙  💛 🤍 💜 🖤  🖤 🤍 🤎