Quick server overview!

Hi there! You may be looking at our server page and wondering if you should join or not. Let me speak more in depth about our server experience. We are a new server (created in July 2022) that is centered around good vibes and good times. This is the main aim of our server. The vision for the server is to create a place that people can come to, to escape reality and have a fun time. Our server has fostered many friendships and people have become closer to each other because of it. You can talk about almost anything here and there might just be someone interested in it as well. Popular topics within the server are memes, music, IRL stuff such as jobs, games, etc. We also just casually joke around a lot and shit post. This community is super fun and if you stick around and get to know people you will be integrated within the server in no time. We have almost 500 emotes of a variety of categories (meme/cute/aesthetic/fun) which you can use within the server and outside the server (with nitro). We are always open to new staff members so if you fall in love with the server, you can apply to help out and enhance and maintain the server's chilled atmosphere. If you decide to join, we welcome you with open arms!