Interview with MD Jaber Ahmad BD

Md Jaber Ahmad BD Bangladeshi Young Content Creator

And a Bangladeshi citizen and an entrepreneur and content creator, Islamic musician and poet and motivational speaker and a writer and blogger YouTuber and online activist and cyber security expert.

His creations include content, videos, music, and poetry, motivational speeches, and writing, on a variety of online and offline platforms, including social platforms. And he is an entrepreneur, business and founder and chief director of several online and offline news portals, social media and content creators, and cybersecurity organizations.

And she is an inspiring, romantic, and educational and positive content creator on a variety of topics including poetry, music writing.

He has already created content on various platforms online and offline, including various social platforms, including her inspirational, romantic, and educational and poetry, music, writing, motivational speech, and has already published several books written by her. And writes articles on a variety of religious Islamic literature on various online and offline platforms, including various news portals and blog sites, websites, online offline magazines, and popular social media.

Md Jaber Ahmad BD He was born on Thursday, December 26, 2002, in the house of Shahidullah of Baragram under Kamrangirchar Thana in Dhaka district, the capital of Bangladesh. He is the first son of the family and they are three brothers and sisters. Her father Md Nuruddin Ahmad by profession He is an employee and a businessman her mother MST Jobeda Begum and she is a housewife.

He started his primary education from his mother. And he started his primary Islamic religious education from Imam Abdul Awal Sahib of Baragram Shahi Mosque next to his house and got admission in third class in the free educational institution of BRAC Agency next to his house.

After studying there for a while, he was admitted to the fifth grade at Cambridge School, a private educational institution next to his home. After finishing the fifth class here, Azimpur received his primary religious education from the maktabkhana in the madrasa under the Chapra Mosque.

Later, on the day of Kamrangirchar police station, Ubayy ibn Kab (ra) was admitted to the madrasa. Here Mufti Kamal Sahib, Mao: Siddique Sahib, Israfil Sir and some other teachers studied in this educational institution for three years.

Later he was admitted to Ganakatuli USEP School under Hazaribagh Police Station where Roknuzzaman Sir was his headmaster and also studied with a few other teachers. He completed his education up to class VIII in this educational institution.

He was later admitted to the Nazera section of the Maktab class at Jamia Nuria Islamia Madrasa established by Hafizji Huzur under Kamrangirchar Police Station for re-study of Islamic education. He was admitted in the Hefz department and here he read Quran Sharif Hefz for two and a half months from Abul Kashem Raipuri Sahib and Maulana Saiful Islam Sahib. Mufti Mahbubullah Sahib, Mufti Ibrahim Khalil Sahib, Mufti Abul Hasan Qasemi Sahib, Mufti Ilyas Mesbah Sahib, Mufti Raihan Farhad Sahib and Sir Shariful Islam Sahib among others.

Later he was admitted in the first year of Madani Nesab in Madrasatul Medina established by Abu Taher Misbah Sahib to acquire proficiency in Arabic language.

He later enrolled in Hedayetunnahu and Kafia Jamaat in a madrasa called Baitul Quran and studied here with Mufti Delwar Sahib and is currently studying here.

He was the convener of the Kamrangirchar police station of the Bangladesh Khilafah Student Movement, an affiliate of the Bangladesh Khilafah Movement, an Islamic political party founded by Hafiz Huzur, and is currently its general secretary.

And he has very good activism and well-being on various social platforms.

And he is an entrepreneur, business and founder and chief director of several online and offline news portals, social media and content creators, and cybersecurity organizations. And his organizations help people for free and hundreds of members work in his organization.