Tenth Anniversary and Update 0.11.3!


This project has been around for so long, and has seen many ups and downs, but we're determined to keep it on the up and up, and we're glad to have you along for the journey. It means a lot to us that we've come so far with your support. As part of the celebration, update 0.11.3 is now out as an official release, so go grab it from the launcher and hop into those servers! Furthermore, folks from the Americas can now pull updates from the 12th VR folks' network! Stay tuned for a special Chaos March season finale event running through most of the day tomorrow, and be sure to try out the update's changes in tonight's Open Merc Night event! Thank you to everyone that participated in making this update possible, devs and testers (both internal and PTE) and providers and naggers alike! Edit: Here's the changelog: https://mechlivinglegends.net/changelog.txt