Road So Far and Dichotomy are still going strong! Both stories have been around since the server began! Not one for second best, we still have Magic Academy and Askar's Sanitarium!

Tides of War was archived, but from its ashes rose... two other stories! First up, we have The In-Between. A place that exists between two heartbeats in a space that exists between one reality and the next. People from across time and space find their way here and none (that we know of) have managed to escape.

Next, is Wrenean. One hundred years ago, the Gods were locked in an epic battle, leading to their destruction and leaving humanity to stagger on, taking with them the magia (magic) they possessed. Now, it seems as though magia is emerging from the earth itself, having seeped into the soil from the corpses of the gods. The people have begun to take notice. Where will your allegiances lie and what do you believe should be done with the magia?

Come on in and join in on the fun!