Todays Update August 14, 2020 at 11:16 PM

Todays Update: 🔓VIP Section and of course Premium Members! 🔒 ➜ Added A VIP Role so only people with the vip role can access to the following private channels displayed and will be unlocked 🔓 for only vip members in our discord server who is ranking up more! and who is ranking up very fast!

➜ Private Music Rooms ( • so people don't have to bother you in the private locked voice channels 🔈, all private voice channels are locked for only people with the @VIP Role those people though with the @Premium can gain access to the following premium channels!

➜ Level Requirement: 30

➜ Premium Can Gained At Level: 20

➜ in order to get these level up ranks and get vip or premium you must be active in the chat and be active to rank up in the chat! to rank up!!

📃 Fixed some roles ➜ so we added some more roles @Head Administrator @Head Moderators and more like @Staff roles which means you apply for mod applications in #〘📜〙staff-apps ➜ Roles have also info in #〚🚹〛role-info to view the info of the roles of course so you can view the info!

💬 Private Chat Rooms and private rooms 💬 ➜ their is now private rooms or private channels of course like private chats where you can privately chat with people ➜ as mentioned in the @Vip or @Premium only these roles with these people with this Role can get this role! and to get this role you must rank up in this server by piggy bot

🔒 Locker Rooms 🔒 ➜ personal locker rooms so as private locker room where people can't get in your personal locker where you can put your reminders or anything like what to do in life your life goals and etc.! ➜ if you want one just dm @ASTRIX Of course and we will set you Up! ➜ other people won't get to see it only you!

📤 Role Menu 📥 ➜ The following Role Menu is now working which we added some roles in this section where you can react and personalize the roles you want! ➜ for the Announcement Pings or Event Pings they are Optional its only for the people who are interested in Ping of this server you can react to that section of announcement pings to get the roles!