Born in July of 2019, New Eden RP was the brainchild of a few people with a desire to provide something unique and wholesome. A different experience, unlike anything on the market at this current time. Something that provided people with a escape from real life, and the ability to enter a world where quite literally, the sky's the limit. This brainchild is continuing to grow into a unique, diverse, and astonishing community. The start was forming a FiveM server that could provide that unique experience which is so desired by many. From there, the future and expansion has been the vision. New Eden provides all of the standard things that most servers can provide, such as cars, robberies, drugs, houses, and many more things. However, New Eden provides something that that most other servers lack, serious RP that provides a unique experience for all. This is the cornerstone of the vision and this server. New Eden is a safe haven for all types of people, from all walks of life, and from all experiences of RP. We believe truly anyone can fit into our community, and find their place.
We strive to give everyone the best experience possible and make sure that everyone feels they are truly achieving everything that they wish. It is our mission to provide the best possible experience for our community.
FiveM is just the start, our vision extends far beyond that and we hope you will join us along the ride. We hope to see you around!

New Eden Management