July Update

Hey fellow Nook University members @everyone a few changes and new events coming to you this month.

We have changed how we run dreamie giveaways “dreamie adoptions 🧚‍♂️” has been renamed to “dreamie giveaways” to reflect this and we will no longer be using giveaway bot. Instead you will comment the name of the dreamie villager you want to win to enter to win! See the channel for further information.

Each month we will be rewarding a screenshot of the month. The screenshot with the highest amount of this stitcheslove emote reacted wins a prize! See server for further information.

We now also have IRL photocomps run by a member of the lovely modteam !

Card exchange information and sign up is live. Reach out to a modmin if you have any queries.

Monthly calendar for Nook University’s events is here. This provides a brief outline of what will be going on in the server for the month of July, however, is not everything so make surei you check particular channels of interest!