a onepeice discord server

a one-piece discussion server that also plays one piece games chill community with a bunch of roles

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a one-piece discussion server that also plays one piece games chill community with a bunch of roles

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creating partnerships

right now were trying to get partners to fit more people on this large boat so dm me for partnerships and I will most likely say yes user 最大のブーム#3234


rule.1 don't spam (maybe temp ban) rule.2 use the channels as intended (1 day temp ban)rule.3 roles are given over time so if you are in the server for a month you get haki fruits are weird there only for events or ext rule.4 have fun I hope

one peice server announcement

this server is semi active are art channel is thriving so check out meme gomu and sobu fan art also post whatever you want join the general

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