On The Run (Roleplay community)

IP: https://imgur.com/a/RnOe7uJ

Welcome to On The Run. – Los Angeles. Where opportunities are endless, whether you want to run a legitimate business, day to day worker or be part of a gang. We are setting us apart from a lot of other servers by giving an opportunity to everyone, by letting people do what they really want to do. Want to be in gang and have it custom with your name and ranks, that you can. Buy a convenient store or another legal business that you decide how to run. all of this I achievable in game by buying it (in game money)

Some of the things that we offer: • Custom scripts. • Optimized scripts. • 100% Controller Friendly. • 80+ enterable places. Including • Houses for purchase. (furnishable). (And with personal locked garage - can be broken into) • Immersive criminal activities. (with an illegal informer) • Immersive legal jobs. • Phone (call, text and send pictures and locations, use life invader) • Crafting – Guess or buy recipes, once learned or guessed your character will never forget it. • Custom cars and motorcycles. • Car alarms – 1 alarm with only sound, 1 that notifies police, 1 with gps for police. • Street racing – Tuning Tablets – Colored headlights. • New and improved MDT (in game). • Bags with inventory that you can place around the world (persistent). • Custom clothing (civ) and eup. • Custom server events. • The more players and the more people dig in to the business world will unlock a lot of new perspective of what can be done in the server, there’s a lot of hidden gems. • And much much more.

OTR’s mission is to give members that roleplay experience they always looked for, that’s why we are basing it high on what our community wants, and always listen to what you have to say. We are looking forward to meet you in rp!