The server is set right around the midway point of Season 2. Ward Cameron is dead or is atleast believed to be after the Yacht Blew up. Limberley hasn't been introduced as of yet, So the tape that proves Ward is guilty came from an unknown anonymous source. Due to this John B is free, After taking a little bit of time off he and Sarah are back together. Then as for the Gold it is in possession of the Cameron's contacts who are safe keeping it. And lastly in regards to Pope, When he went to the Pharmacy to get something his father asked him to he found a piece of the ceiling hanging and he saw something else there. So he pulled the piece of the ceiling off which dropped the small case which contained the key. Later at the School he was given the Denmark Tanny Diary and he uncovered his family history from there. As of right now things are pretty much normal everyone is taking a break relaxing. But right at the door waits a new adventure.