A Fairy's Forest A Fairy's Forest
A Tabletop RPG server which focuses on indie tabletops like Maid RPG/Log Horizon, while having several games of mainstream stuff like D&D and Pathfinder.
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Spires of Agartha Spires of Agartha
Paragraph roleplaying MMORPG. Aging, crafting, building, combat, and permadeath, among many other systems!
A Tale of Hope & War A Tale of Hope & War
A growing Dice-based Steampunk Roleplaying Server. We're growing in activity! Feel free to take a look, you might just like it!
Mass Effect: Guardian Mass Effect: Guardian
Mass Effect: Guardian is a Mass Effect Discord Roleplay/RP Server taking place in the year 2185 following a Council agency known as G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.
After Heaven (jojo RP server) After Heaven (jojo RP server)
(Jojo RP server) Set in an alternate post-Stone ocean universe where Stand users are now common knowledge, you play as a Stand user in the city of Bohemian.
Void of the Abyss Void of the Abyss
Welcome to the Void! a small community for people who like anime, music, art, & gaming! we're a very small server right now, so if you're interested join us!
Game & Chill Game & Chill
Welcome to Game & Chill. A place where anyone is welcome! Join and make new friends, queue up in league, talk about anime, share art, or just post some memes.