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~ Lewd is a new community created with the purpose to meet new people and chill talking about anime, gaming music with dedicated staff and a lot of bots. ~
❀Flower Power❀ (link in desc) ❀Flower Power❀ (link in desc)
In case this doesn't work use this link: Simple rules. RATED M.
ѕнιтнeadѕ™ ѕнιтнeadѕ™
A tiny, fledgling server managed by a gang of fools with too much time on their grubby hands. We offer memes, music, general discussion, and messing around.
Discounted Anidrip Discounted Anidrip
Hey. Cmon uh...cmon in. Stay a while,yknow? We've got anime,games,and more. Grab a seat,grab a snack,and kick back. Have some fun,have some laughs. Have a milk.
The T.A.R.D.I.S The T.A.R.D.I.S
Casual hangout place for people who are 18+ and into gaming, series, movies, art and music. Wishing to grow, so give us a try!
Otaku Universe Otaku Universe
Just a chill place to talk about anime, games and general chit-chat. No memes, no cancer. A mature and fun community.