Nexus Network Nexus Network
A Chill and Friendly Server that's relatively new for members who enjoy Anime, Games, Hentai, and Art/GFX
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Just a place to chill. Talk about anime, games, lewd, fan arts, listening to music or just general chit chat. Weekly rotation of different events and channels.
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Join us on talks about video games, anime, music, art and more! We have Music Bots and weekly events. Don't miss out!
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Community weeb emote Discord Server without having Discord Nitro (47/50) global emotes (47/50) local Find us at aiming for 100 global
anime pictures anime pictures
We are small lovely server we have fun bots. Looking for members who can have fun and post pictures We are open minded we accept any kind of subject <3
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For The Ages Of 18 & Over! Server With Just About Everything! Its Just A Crazed Gamer & BDSM Lifestyle Fiasco! FYI This Is Not A Hook Up Server!