Similar Servers
Sundry Gaming Sundry Gaming
Sundry Gaming is a variety gaming community. We accept all types of people from all over the world, and offer a place to hang out, chat, and play.
Lewd Reich Lewd Reich
a server dedicated to BDSM,ERP, Role-play,Anime,Gaming, Romance, and technology
Real Laifus Waifus Real Laifus Waifus
This is an anime server with a small community and lots of friendly people! Please join and feel free to talk about your own waifus :3
Little Tokyo Little Tokyo
Talk about Anime or Games. Owned by the brother and sister, Sora and Shiro! We have RP, Karaoke, Fan-fic readings for all you voice actors and competitions!
Anime (Small) Village Anime (Small) Village
Small Anime Server. Anything Anime, Gaming, or Japanese related is welcomed.
FunCo FunCo
FunCo is a small and simple server with one goal in mind; to create a fun and friendly environment for people to game, chat, and watch movies with others.