Lame Therapy™ Lame Therapy™
Come be depressed with the rest of the edgy discord users.
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Utility Emotes Utility Emotes
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Aw Dardy Aw Dardy
Shit cunt of a server. Most of us are PC gamers from AUS. We ALL love hentai.
QTmotes QTmotes
Global (BTTV) emote server with porn. Emote suggestions welcome!
CuckTales™ CuckTales™
[HOT] Do you like to Meme? Be number One? Talk about funny internet videos with friends? Come on down to CuckTales™ we got tonnes of Girls and double the Memes!
Controversy Central Controversy Central
Want to have a heated, respectful debate? This is the place to do that.
McFish Club McFish Club
Casual and small server w/ people who enjoy games, music, shitposting and more. Don't join to leave (& don't get put off by the name!).