Similar Servers
Republic of Renegades Republic of Renegades
Republic of Renegades is an extremely laid-back server full of individuals who seek to make friends, share knowledge, play games, and have fun.
Beta Base Beta Base
HEY YOU! C'mere for a second. You want to join a laid back Discord? One that offers prizes, games, friendships and a never ending supply of laughs? Get in here!
Boosted Animals Boosted Animals
Server of friendly folks LFM. Our server has custom content, role progression, a DJ channel, and bots! Come and try us! Only looking for those who'll talk.
EpicGamerz EpicGamerz
This server is for you who really love games and game memes and everything you can think about!
Cunt Cuck Club Cunt Cuck Club
What would a sane person want? Gambling, spicy memes, music, and some great people to hang out with, all packed in this one server!
Hive Hive
Hive is mostly just a place to chill out and chat. We play games with each other and have exciting events. The server is pretty tidy with multiple channels.