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Kakariko Fried Cucco Kakariko Fried Cucco
We play a bunch of different games, like overwatch, fortnite and more! We discuss about the recent changes, share some art some stream highlights and more!
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A brand new social hangout server dedicated to stoners, gamers, and anyone looking for a fun place to chill and smoke a bowl with new friends! 18+
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Ever looked for a friendly and active community? Then look no further! ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) From mods who try their best, to cringy jokes, we got it all covered!
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Hey, welcome to Sunset Vibes! A server dedicated to providing a laid back environment. Our main focus is music but we have other interests like gaming,art, etc
Gamer Buddies Gamer Buddies
Looking for a Gaming Buddy? Join Gamer Buddies Discord. Active server with 500+ members! We have several entertainment bots and a ranking system!
Socially Awkward Socially Awkward
We are a super fun, friendly, and welcoming community for people who are socially awkward, shy or anti-social. Come join us and have fun! Very Active Community!