Equestria - Friendship Quest Equestria - Friendship Quest

Welcome to Equestria - The Quest For Friendship! We aim to become a friendly Community Where we together can enjoy each others company and share friendships! Everyone is welcome!

We hope to bring together the most amazing of people; Namely You!. if you are struggling with issues,Mentally or physically. Or have a bad day! Don not be afraid to jump on in and message an admin! they are there for you, to help and guide you. or just are a fan of the series? Then come on in! Here is what we offer:

• We offer Custom Made emoji • Lots of self-assignable roles! / Or ask staff for a custom role! • Active Staff 24/7 Support • OC/RP/ART chats! • Nsfw for those who desire it • Artists creating your ocs (T.B.D) • Events! Weekly/Monthly (with a certain prize pool!) • All staff are above 18+ •Website/Forum! https://www.equestria.club/