Similar Servers
Studio Ghibli Café Studio Ghibli Café
Fun, friendly and mature community at your disposal , For gamers & anime fans, feel free to join us ~ We also play games like ~overwatch & more ~
Snowflakes Snowflakes
A chill hang out server with friendly people to meet and form bonds with members. We host events, play games and talk about anything you think of!~
Official Pawsome Pack Official Pawsome Pack
Are you a furry gamer looking for a fun, mature, and friendly discord server? Come join our Pawsome server!
Nova Gaming Community Nova Gaming Community
Server of gamers which play the following games: Battlefield 1, For Honor, Overwatch, GhostRecon, COD, CSGO, GTA, Titanfall, RainbowSix, H1Z1, Rust.
Late Night Late Night
Super fun/friendly community looking to make friends. Our interests are mainly anime (group watches), games, music, and art. Come hang out and have fun!
DontTouchMyServer DontTouchMyServer
DontTouchMyServer is cool AF, we accept everyone and we're pretty chill. Don't kick people for stupid reasons, hardly kick anyone