FunCo FunCo
FunCo is a small and simple server with one goal in mind; to create a fun and friendly environment for people to game, chat, and watch movies with others.
Similar Servers
VFM is a community based Discord server dedicated to music, gaming and a whole lot more. No matter what it is, VFM is the server for you and your friends.
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A small but ever-growing gaming community, for teens and older, with a wide range of people from all over the world. Memes, culture, games and some weeb.
Lazy Latte Lazy Latte
Active tight community. Drop by to chill and enjoy the goofy atmosphere.
死ぬWeebs 死ぬWeebs
Hello folks! We're a fairly new server! We have mascots, use currency and have weekly events. Our community is pretty open, so come join us for a chat!
Alter Akiba Alter Akiba
Discord's very own Akihabara! - Online hotspot where otaku, maids and idols gather. Down to earth and drama-free!
The Event Horizon The Event Horizon
A small but friendly space-themed social discord server for those interested in astronomy, gaming, anime, music and making friends along the way! [SFW]