Similar Servers
Pouty Paradise Pouty Paradise
A safe environment for DDLG and Petplay participants. Feel free to come join us. We got plenty of glitter and candy!
Munchkinland Munchkinland
18+ Discord community centered around the ageplay, CG/l, and petplay communities.
Cg/l Playroom Cg/l Playroom
18+ Caregiver/little server! The official server of r/cgl and r/ddlg. Weekly show and tell, support channel, events, custom bot, NSFW channels, and friends!
7 Deadly Sins 7 Deadly Sins
An 18+ kink based server mixed with gaming and events. We strive to search for like-minded individuals to create a tight-knit community.
Safe Place Safe Place
Small DDLG community, where you can talk to your friends, discuss games like a family.