Infirmary Gaming Community Infirmary Gaming Community
Giveaways! Professional Mods! Game nights! Find new friends to game with in a well managed community !
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Looking to play games with friends? well here there is a room for almost every game (55+ room's so far) , but only see room's for the games you Choose!!
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This server is used for talking about gaming, consoles, pcs and more! It can also be used as a server for youtubers/streamers to record! (includes a bot)
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A server dedicated to bringing streamers and other gamers together. Find people to play with, support other streamers, and get your stream recognized.
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DTTL is for Gamers, Coders, Geeks, YouTubers, Streamers and basically everyone else! We have movie nights, tech support, overwatch, chilling & custom roles
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A social hub for all gaming enthusiasts with its very own stream team, Find new friends to game with! Looking for new staff, if you want to apply join now!
OneHunna OneHunna
A very open, laid back server with nearing no rules. We do ask that any NSFW posts are limited to the NSFW channel, though. English is our preferred Language.