Island of Misfits Island of Misfits

The island is a BDSM/KINK/DDLG/CGL Safe space. Come join a fun, like minded community where you're free to be whoever your little heart would have you be. Make new friends to watch movies, play games, and explore your kinky side! 16+ allowed, but all NSFW Requires 18+

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A CGL and DDLG, community full of friendly people, now with 100+ members. We have lots of roles, channels, and now events! 16+ (DM for exceptions)
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An educational, active, and fun BDSM server that primarily surrounds CGL and Pet Play lifestyles. However, we welcome everyone. 14+ for entry and 18+ for NSFW.
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This is a server for Doms, Subs, Littles, Caregivers. Its for everyone... come and chill with people that are like you. Make new friends without being judged.