Krosmaga Krosmaga
Server for the Krosmaga community, a trading card game made by Ankama.
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Dofus Dofus
Server for the Dofus community, a turn based MMORPG made by Ankama.
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Discord server for Orangepixel games (
newfe chat newfe chat
hey guys welcome please join my Discord server it's an open Talk server there's a lot of Gamers and a couple programmers in the server
Emby Elites Emby Elites
A DIscord server for Emby server owners.
Toontown: Dessert Storm Toontown: Dessert Storm
Welcome to Toontown: Dessert Storm! Toontown: Dessert Storm is a recreation of the now closed MMORPG, Toontown Online - full with new locations and features.
Shop Heroes Shop Heroes
Join the official Shop Heroes discord server. Become the ultimate shopkeeper by managing the best fantasy item shop across the Kingdom of Aragonia!