ʟᴇᴡᴅɪᴄᴀ ʟᴇᴡᴅɪᴄᴀ

This server strictly contains only age-verified 18+ members. The focus is on all things lewd, but we do love petplay. The whole server is modular, you see only the categories you want to see, including voice chats, Media, Music, Roleplay, Hentai, Furry, Real-Life lewds, and Member lewds. You create your own custom colour and name for it here, you're not stuck choosing something shitty that doesn't match and you hate the name of. Very unique NSFW bot with millions of UHD images and a nice variety of fully-custom gambling games. There is no leveling, the top portion of the hierarchy is based on top currency holders, everyone gets a shot at being up top, and it refreshes every 15min. One of the most secure servers around! New members are isolated and removed in 15min unless they prove they're 18+ and not a catfish.