ʟᴇᴡᴅɪᴄᴀ (18+) ʟᴇᴡᴅɪᴄᴀ (18+)

Welcome to Lewdica, server dedicated to all things lewd. The theme is petplay, although it's not exactly the complete focus. Security and privacy is the top priority, the goal is to have everyone truly relaxed and lewd in peace. Truly a adult sanctuary.

The Basics: ▫️ Self toggled category, kink, gender, and astrology sign roles ▫️ Create your own custom colour role and name for it ▫️ No advert trash, underage scandals, or catfish ▫️ Dynamic hierarchy based on currency, refreshing every minute ▫️ Lots of gambling and edgy NSFW themed games ▫️ Purchasable marriage slots to create your harem ▫️ Self created bot profiles ▫️ One of the most secure and private servers around by far

The Galleries: ▫️ Real, hentai, furry, and member categories ▫️ Show and tell channel to show off your 'toy' collections ▫️ Self promotional channel for those in the adult industry ▫️ One of the best custom NSFW bots around, millions of UHD self-hosted images ▫️ Hope to see you soon!