Similar Servers
Pride Time Pride Time
Pride Time is a small LGBTQ+ server meant to be a safe space for all LGBTQ+ people and allies!
SAGA Sandwiches SAGA Sandwiches
An LGBTQIA+ safe space for people of all identities. Click the 'i' to see more
PRIDE is an LGBTQ+ focused server for everyone ages 13+.
Gaymer's Place Gaymer's Place
The Original GaymersPlace Server. Built to live, laugh, and love with others. We are an LGBT+ friendly server. Move on, with us.
LGBTQ+ Community LGBTQ+ Community
A community server for the LGBTQ+ and our allies. We have discussion groups for anything you can imagine games, politics, technology, coding, and linguistics!
Transcend Transcend
A server by and for the trans community that values inclusiveness, individuality, and transparency of staff action.