Minecraft Simple Gaming Minecraft Simple Gaming
Official MCSG Network Discord Creative, Factions, Kingdoms, Prison, MiniGames, SkyBlock, SkyGrid, Survival, Vanilla
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An active Minecraft community!
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Seit 2013 auf Steam im Amt vor kurzem auf Discord gewechselt. Nur zu 110% verrückt. Versprochen...nein, wirklich! Ich mein's voll Ernte.
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Looking to play games with friends? well here there is a room for almost every game (55+ room's so far) , but only see room's for the games you Choose!!
This is for the most edgy minecraft players. We have no friends and want attention. Help Me
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hey guys, me and my friends have made a discord server and we and to make it grow. The purpose is to help people find friends with the same interests.
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A general gaming/furry Discord server for anything that your heart desires! Stay and talk awhile to get access to the NSFW and RP rooms.