Similar Servers
Otaku Universe Otaku Universe
Just a chill place to talk about anime, games and general chit-chat. No memes, no cancer. A mature and fun community.
ѕнιтнeadѕ™ ѕнιтнeadѕ™
A tiny, fledgling server managed by a gang of fools with too much time on their grubby hands. We offer memes, music, general discussion, and messing around.
Anime & Manga Alliance Anime & Manga Alliance
We are the Anime & Manga Alliance! We are a new, and upcoming Japanese culture Discord server. We cater to Anime fans, Manga Fans, and more! Join!
Otaku Academy Otaku Academy
Anime. we got that. gaming chats. we got that to. wanna see some cool stuff. Then come on over.
The Wolf Cave The Wolf Cave
If you like anime, fandoms, games, animals, etc., this place is for you!
Late Night Late Night
Super fun/friendly community looking to make friends. Our interests are mainly anime (group watches), games, music, and art. Come hang out and have fun!