PUBG World PUBG World
2400+ member Facebook group as a central hub for PUBG!
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The Sand Riders The Sand Riders
A group of gamers from the UK/EU.
Experienced PUBG EU Experienced PUBG EU
A playerbase for the Experienced BattleGrounds players in the EU - A screenshot of Rating/Rank is needed. If you're getting no replies, please PM the Admins.
The Frosty Game Lounge The Frosty Game Lounge
The Frosty Gaming Lounge is a well organized and fun server. We mostly play R6 Seige, PUBG, and LoL. Come join!
Daddy's Boat Daddy's Boat
Small, active PC Gaming community across a wide variety of games. Founded in 2017 by the Blackwake crew of Daddy's Boat!
Ryaloc Gaming Network Ryaloc Gaming Network
large community with distinct Voice & Text channel combos for games as seen needed. Essentially, it's a place to find other people playing the same games!
Steam Gaming Community Steam Gaming Community
The largest Steam community-based server where gamers from around the world unite, join parties, play games, and meet hundreds of new friends.