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Kirby Roleplay Kirby Roleplay
Welcome to the world of Kirby and Roleplay together! No NSFW, please. Active all ages community - Original Characters welcome. Check description for password.
Coffee Cat Gaming Coffee Cat Gaming
Server for everything, come make some new friends! Run by a small group of friends to make a warm and friendly atmosphere for people.
A Fairy's Forest A Fairy's Forest
A Tabletop RPG server which focuses on indie tabletops like Maid RPG/Log Horizon, while having several games of mainstream stuff like D&D and Pathfinder.
The Murder Series The Murder Series
Enjoy multiverse crossovers? Love numerous fandoms? Do you fancy choose-your-own-adventure style or murder mystery games? Then visit our RP group!
Othea RP Othea RP
A roleplay server with structured campains run by a DM
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Join HT Discord in discussing yaoi and RPs. Make new friends and play games while plotting your next yaoi RP. Everyone is welcome!