Similar Servers
Zen Zen
Discord Nitro and other Giveaways atm. We have currently 1300+ members. We are a place filled with memes, gaming, and anime. Frequent people in vc.
The Summerhouse The Summerhouse
This is a nice place to chill without any topic. We're an inclusive community where nobody is left behind, so join if you're looking for a great time! =)
♡『 [Golden] Discord Server 』♡ ♡『 [Golden] Discord Server 』♡
Created for the sole reason of Chatting, Socializing, Gaming, Anime talk, Giveaways, Events and much more! Join us! ♡
The Chill™ 2.0 The Chill™ 2.0
Generally a pretty chill server. It's 2.0 because it's being reincarnated from the original "The Chill" aka best server.