The Gathering The Gathering
This is a server for anyone who isn't a normie. The password is nonormie
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Chroma Club Chroma Club
Revamped server, be yourself! LGBTwhatever / everyone welcome! (we dont take stuff seriously, yes straight people are welcome here, why wouldn't they be?)
Wulfe's Nexus Wulfe's Nexus
This is a casual server to chill and play games or just talk, if you come here often you will gain access to more voice chat rooms and much more
Kewl Keedz Klub Kewl Keedz Klub
A nice ol' Klub for some Kewl Keedz.
Vibe Nation Vibe Nation
Vibe Nation is a small but known gaming community, we also provide you with Porn, Gore, and really shitty cancerous memes!
r9k r9k
anything goes. shitposting welcome. no moderation necessary.
Shitpost Shitpost
Large discord for all you weirdos. Freedom of speech for all, rules are very lenient. Talk about shit without worrying about a ban.