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Silver.Network Silver.Network
Silver.Network is a fun and welcoming community for chatting, gaming and having fun! We run Minecraft servers and host exciting weekly events! We love Shibes!
Meraki Meraki
A fun chill discord server focused around anime and gaming that would love to see new active members!
Communism Communism
A place for all people to be equal. Work for your place in the elite. Everyone is welcome!
Zlentio™'s Discord Zlentio™'s Discord
A server to have fun on! Learn to customly code bot, that's not all this if for! We host events, giveaways, etc. Join now and let's grow!
The Lion's Den The Lion's Den
18+ fun and goofy furry community. lots of RP opportunities, our server operates as a mock society and hang out. Player homes, Custom roles, lenient rules, etc.
Honey NUT Honey NUT
A server to screw around and have fun. Extremely loose rules and lots of fun! We do giveaways and play games. Tons of things to talk about.