Ultima Online Shards Multiverse Ultima Online Shards Multiverse
Calling all Ultima Online fans! Those interested in playing on an amazing Ultima Online freeshard with hundreds of others, check us out!
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A promising organization for the new game Dual Universe coming in a few months. Dual Universe is a Single-Shard sandbox MMORPG with player-driven nations etc.
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We are a SEA clan for Blade and Soul TW server. We are reside in 天人合一 subserver. Feel free to join us ;)
Guild Wars Global Guild Wars Global
Community server for the original Guild Wars. Features: party-search, price check, Kamadan log, skill template converter, info commands, wiki search and more.
Final Diversion - ROI Final Diversion - ROI
For more information on how to purchase contact us at https://discord.me/FDTeam
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