Wulfe's Nexus Wulfe's Nexus
This is a casual server to chill and play games or just talk, if you come here often you will gain access to more voice chat rooms and more
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Small 150+ member community focused on gaming, join to meet peeps, share content, stream, and of course game. Anyone's welcome, (owners a fagoat)
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A very open, laid back server with nearing no rules. We do ask that any NSFW posts are limited to the NSFW channel, though. English is our preferred Language.
Looking for people to play with? SOON TO BE the fastest growing server on Discord! WELCOME TO BEAST COAST GAMING a great community for Gaming, and friends
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A little home away from home, a place to relax and chat, keep on swimming.
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The Dropsite is an extremely chill discord, with few rules. We're PC gamers, but any gamer in general is free to join, chill, and listen to some tunes!