Who Loves you ? We do!

Next week we will be hosting a few events focusing on you. If Valentine's Day is commonly known as a way to show love, affirmation or affection.
Why wait to let someone else tell you that you have value.
We already know that you do and the nest way to show it is to focus on acts of Kindness towards those that do not have family or good friends.
Taking some time to focus on a few other people instead of your current circumstances and what you feel like you are missing, will make you feel like a million dollars and start you on a path to begin to feel valued and loved.

Join us in sending random cards to fellow discord members. Submit a piece of Art or Poem depicting kindness toward others outside your current circle. OR If you have no circle of friends or family, offer to volunteer at a shelter. Do something for those that can do nothing for you and this Valentine's day will be one you will never forget.

Your actions may not payout on the day, but your acts of kindness will play out in the long run.

Join Us for a truly different Valentine's Day experience