This? This is the world we live in, experiencing with our five senses. Skin, smooth and tangible. Every cause has its effect and every effect can be predicted with the right database. But there's a world, under that one, blood, under the skin. That's what rationalistic jerks never see. It's a world that's fluid, instead of solid. Hot, instead of just warm. It is a world full of mysteries. You don't like the unknown, do you? You may be afraid. But I'm not.

The city of New York in the year 2022. The city is an oasis of concrete and steel. It’s ever-changing and evolving and day to day you never know what you will find. For the most part, our story is a slice of life, epic. The normal lives of normal people as they move through the world and experience new things. They can be whoever you want. Are they a barista with dreams of becoming a ballet dancer? A student born on the wrong side of the tracks dreaming of NYU and med school?

There are cracks in the perception of this world. Portions of reality chipping away and leaving gaps for things to leak through. At present, this phenomenon has been localized to only two places and times. While time passes in one era, it passes slower in another. How one moves from place to place is at present random and unknown. The few people who have experienced this either do not make it back or they are too scared to say anything. This phenomenon began roughly around November, 2021 in our modern time and 3 months ago in the past.

This rp is based around adult themes such as drugs, sex, and violence. However, just like in the real world, it is punctuated by friendship, love, and companionship. In this way, we can have a variety of plots and allow you to explore your characters even deeper. Because we do have an adult plot, in order to apply, you must be over the age of 20. All characters and faces used also need to be over the age of 18; we also prefer realistic (REAL) faces. This is an incredibly open idea because we want to build this world WITH you.

In addition to time travel, there is also an element of the supernatural. Creatures hidden in plain sight; whether they seek to help or harm, you decide.