SERVER CHANGES 1.6 (09/19/19)

This Is Everything For This Update

New Channels

¥- Now Theres a Specific Channel For Gaming Related Content in #games

New Roles/Role Changes

¥- @CONFIDANTS (VIP) Now Has A New Green Color

¥-New Role for My Third In Command Called @NOIR (ADMIN), Respect her And Obey Her like every Other Mod


¥-The channel #roles has new Information and style, it is absotulely Important to read this Channel Again And Keep up To the Roles New Changes!

-Rank Roles Have Their Own Special Perks Depending on What Level You On

-New Reward Roles that Can Be Earn Depending on its Requirement

Rules Update

¥- A New Rule Has Been added [Rule #5] So Reread the rules To Know of This

Things That Been Removed

¥- Channels Channel #shitpost #stories have been deleted and Voice channel sound Shujin Academy Has Also been deleted


¥- Channels Channel #questions/responses Could make a Return

¥- Custom Roles For Different Fandoms like the Jojo and DDLC to unlock those channels

¥- Easter Egg Hunt On The Server For People To Find And The Reward Would be a Special Unique Role for finding the Easter egg