*(As This Server Is One year Old Now, This isn't our first Update But This Shows We do Make Changes when Necessary)*


Universal Theme- Since the Server is one year old, i decided that the Theme That will always be in this server is Doki Doki literature club! This doesn't mean that Anime and Gaming won't be part of here anymore, it will always be here, is part of us. Just saying that the reason this server grew was DDLC and we shouldn't forget our origins! So this will be our universal theme! (holiday and special events will be the only times might change but not as often now!)

New Self Assignable Doki Roles!- New DOKI Related Self Assignable Roles! You Can Choose between Either Monika, Yuri, Sayori or Natsuki!

New Emotes- added more bunch of wacky anime related Emotes, go check em out!

Other Minor Changes- channel name changes and role colors changed