Hello Ghost Hunters! The community recently issued a new update to all assets including bots and servers, In this announcement, we will be covering two areas that have been majorly impacted in this update.

Gaming Challenges Updated Profanity System

Gaming Challenges

For those who like to advance and play the game differently whether in solo player or multiplayer this update is for you, You are able to do a lot of different things, and there are a lot of different challenges such as the following.

  1. Restricted Item Challenge
  2. Zero Sanity Challenge
  3. Photo Item’s Only Challenge

Those challenges will be ranked with difficulty depending on the color of the buttons. Such as Green for easy, Blue for medium, Red for hard and, Gray for Expert.

Updated Profanity System

Now effective immediately the system has been updated and any attempt to say a disallowed word will be instantly deleted and 15% of your community levels removed. The community has over 18’s channels where profanity I permitted but racial slurs are prohibited in all Phasmophobia Gaming Community voice channels and text chats. The system was updated because members were bypassing the system using profanity within our text chats, proving that our systems were not capable of stopping it. That has changed in this update.

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