With the new year we are happy to announce our fourth special 2021 RECITAL!

The event will take place on 6th February 2021, 11AM UTC.

The rules are the same, as always - you can perform with ANY instrument you like (e.g. piano, violin). You may even SING! There is no specified limit for the number of pieces you may perform but if you are performing multiple pieces, let it be a reasonable amount. If you can not participate, come to listen and enjoy the event with others!

You may register yourself to the event at anytime up to the day of the RECITAL. To participate DM @HUM!, @Ludwig not Beethoven, @Salama or @chopin worshipper with the following format: composer's name, piece's/song's name, length of the piece. If you are going to play a classical piece, you must specify the Opus number.

Event participants will receive the "2021 Recital" role!

For the recital program: #🌟recital-program

Any questions? Feel free to DM one of the staff members. We are happy to hear from you on 6th February!