We want to announce our 9th special event - the 2021 Stage Recital! As you could notice by the name, this will be the first recital hosted with the new Discord's Stage feature.

The event will take place on 5th June 2021, 3:00PM UTC.

Before registering to the event, please check if the event's time fits your timezone.

You can perform with ANY instrument you like, you may even SING! The maximum number of pieces you may perform with is 5 and your entire performance should take less than 10 minutes. If you cannot participate in the event, come to listen and enjoy the event with others!

Registering to the event is simple. DM @HUM!, @Toastmart, @Salama or @Marquis 🚓 keeping the following format: composer's name, piece's/song's name, length of the piece. If you are going to play a classical piece, specify the Opus number.

Every participant will receive the @2021 Stage Recital role!

For the recital program: #recital-program

Any questions or doubts about how will the event run? Feel free to DM one of our staff members. We are happy to hear from you on 5th June!