Server Update 1.6

"Hello Everyone, So I a few people who wish's to use megas and legendries and/or mythical Pokémon so.... Here is a update that everyone will HOPEFULLY Love.

THE STORY MODE UPDATE A New Channel That Has Been Added Is Story, Here You Are A Random Trainer/Gym Leader Who Is Here To Be #1 But Only The Best Is Here On This Land Called: The Ash Isles, There Are Gyms, E4, Evil Group, Rivals, And Much More!

Why Should I Care?

Simple: By Beating A Rival, They Will Give You A Mega, Beating A Gym Gives You A Z-Moves And Once Your Far, You Can Find And Catch Legendries. All Of This In A Roleplay Way!

Does This Change The Roles I Am Or My Gym?

The Rewards: Yes As You Can Use them. The Battles: No.

If You Wish To Start Your Story Mode, Ping Me In story-mode-chat OR DM Me.

Cant Wait To See You There! ^_^

(Also DM Me If You Have Anything To Ask!)