Thank you for adventuring with us! This is an announcement from the Adventurers Club. A limited-time event, Charizard's Island Home, started on 5/15/19! The place we would like you to explore this time is the Charizard Sea. In the Charizard Sea, Charizard and Blastoise have been sighted so far. We wonder what other Pokemon live there. Please catch new Pokemon in the Charizard Sea!

Event period: 5/15/19 - 6/5/19

Featured Pokemon appearing:

80 species of Pokemon such as Charizard, Blastoise, and Charmeleon will appear.

Featured summon gears include: Flamethrower Gear: Charizard would do great with the Fire-type Flamethrower!

Surf Gear: Blastoise could help you out with the Water-type Surf!

Flamethrower Gear: Charmeleon can use the Fire-type move Flamethrower.

A ranking system limited to the Charizard Sea is also under way during this event period. You will get great items if you place high in the rankings. Please check the ranking page for details. You will compete using the base CP of three different kinds of Pokemon you caught in the Charizard Sea. Catch strong Pokemon to place high in the ranking!