It's been a while since I've posted an update, our last one was more than 3000 members ago. A lot has changed since then, we've improved security, added more commands, made a lot of changes to make the server more Christ focused and much much more! Below are just a few of the changes we've made recently:

🔸 Added more Christian topics to the ^topic command and moved non religious topics to ^topic 2 and 3 🔸 Added automatic periodic posting of verses and Christian topics in #💬┃chat and ⛪┃christian_only 🔸 Added a lot more automation to deal with trolls and people bringing down chat quality (scarce details for security reasons) 🔸 Added an automatic move system, I've never seen this in any other server but in ours when people use the wrong chats the bot will warn them and eventually force them to move to another chat! 🔸 Added a lot of new commands, channels, misc improvements, refinements etc. We're also working on updating a few of our information channels with info on all our commands, info for what certain roles mean and much more.

Thank you and God bless!