Welcome to lshz,gg, pronounced as Lashzòu. (or for a more simpler pronunciation, Let's go.) The name is merged between two languages of English Lash and Chinese Zòu (奏) which means "Strike to Achieve". The .gg in it's suffix stands for "Goodwill's Guild" and our guild's value is to give second chances to those who deserves.

Our mission is to make you smile and give you the opportunity to taste the sweetness of Discord Nitro. :grinning:

Our community is shaped by the people who spends their precious time in it. And it will no way be influenced by an external source of any kind. Majority of our members are from Europe thus we strongly advocate the freedom of expression; no one shall be censored for their opinions or views, everyone will have a voice as long as it's within a reasonable and safe-for-work logic.

All of our gifts and charities are accounted through our #legitimacy channel to ensure our community integrity.

Our rules are simple to understand. All it need is your common sense.

If memories are what sustains life, then dreams would be life's driving force. Do you have a dream?