Risqué is a discord server for the mature internet user, we encourage and cultivate a friendly and inclusive atmosphere that welcomes all. We host structured events every other day and also keep things fresh with off the cuff events and giveaways as well! We are currently at nitro boost level 2 with 18 nitro boosters and are paying for several different premium bot services for both advertising and entertainment. We have a premium zoom account for hosting video calls for our events, this enables us to have greater control during the events and allows for a larger amount of creativity (especially during freaky Friday!) We also have a merch store!

Your support means that we will be able to really invest in the server and make it great. Financial support enables us to pay for our monthly cost for our premium bots and services and also would enable us to provide the community with more giveaways and other fun events and activities.

We at risqué listen to our community and are always looking for new ways to engage with you and create fun and exciting new projects for us all to enjoy.

We think BIG! We want Risqué to be the best server experience you could wish for, and eventually, we want to expand further than the reaches of the internet. We have long term dreams and aspirations for events that could take place in the real world. All over the world. We aren't afraid to dream big, so please, accompany us on this adventure and help us build a community that's worth sharing!