We are holding a Group Roleplay Workshop because we want to help your groups be the best they can be. I went ahead and called my buddy, who’s an expert on the subject. A couple of us are going to give our own experiences on what works and what does not work. Then answer any questions you may have directly.

This takes place Thursday evening. At 8:30pm is when we will start grouping up. It’s going to be in the VC. I believe it’s going to be recorded as well, for anyone who might not be able to make it but still wants the info.

Hosted by:

@Reiko Owner of Tenebris Realm: A year old, active and dedicated roleplay server.

@Aura Some schmuck who pressed that “Create Server” button one night.

We all have different, but effective ideas on how to make your community successful. I’ve no doubt that there will be something for everyone to take away.

Really excited! Can’t wait to see you there.