Hey you! Yes you, roleplayer!

Here are the reasons you should join us on discord.me/roll4itdice to play in a fictionalized version of Port Alice, Vancouver Island, British Columbia for Alice the Vampire Slayer:

Play takes place via posts on Discord. Play by post anytime, from anywhere!

(Why not try a holiday in Port Alice this year, eh?)

  1. Monster of the Week is the system we are using. The system is intuitive, 2d6, rules light using Playbooks that give each character unique moves and flavor.

(See the lovely waters, including Devil's Bath.)

  1. Set up like a TV show. There are scenes that just involve Character Development where rolls don't happen at all. If you LOVE roleplaying and developing interesting characters, this is the game for you.

(The state of the art township hall, including mayor's office.)

  1. There are seasonal arcs as well as episode arcs. It isn't JUST a weekly monster fight. Each character will have moments where their particular issues, strengths, and story will be part of the plot.

(And the many exciting furry animals including, squirrels, beavers, and moose.)

  1. Play as a high school student, a teacher, outsider, or townsfolk. There are many ways to get involved. You can even play multiple characters! It's a very small town on Vancouver island so everyone knows or will soon know you.

(A moose bit my sister once.)

  1. The game is run by me! I am a published author, and I have been role-playing and running roleplaying games for over 30 years. I'm also pretty chill.

(To be fair, she was trying to vigorously mount him at the time.)

  1. Visit us in #pa-ooc on the discord.me/roll4itdice server . There are unlimited spaces, as this is a dynamic ensamble cast.

(Note: The Port Alice board of tourism does not condone the mounting of moose, especially without the moose's consent.)